British Man Running 900km For The Late King Says He Won’t Quit

Even though doctors have implored one British runner to stop due to risks to his health,

he says he must continue his journey to raise money for the hospital where his Late Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej died.

Chris Maynard, 37, began running from Chiang Mai on October 11 on his 900 kilometre journey to Hua Hin.

During his travels he has suffered from dehydration and swelling in his ankles due to the heat.

Doctors have urged Chris to stop for at least two to three days to recover.

He stopped at a hospital to be checked over in Tak but powered on to Kamphaeng Phet where he was admitted and now lies on a drip.

Doctors have told the brave runner if he continues he might suffer kidney damage.
It was reported that blood has appeared in his urine.

This appears to have not dissuaded the former Royal Marine who spoke out using his wife’s Facebook account stating that he is intending to complete his trek “in the name of the great king.”

Chris and other runners are raising money for a new building to be built at the Sirirat Hospital in Bangkok where his late Majesty died on October 13, 2016.

The runners had aimed to finish with a candle lit ceremony for the late beloved king on October 25, however this might now be delayed.

Source: Thai Visa News

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