Britney Sells Out In An Hour. Second Date Added Amidst Complaints

Britney Spears’s Bangkok tickets, sold out in less than an hour of going on sale. So the promoters decided to add a second night to appease the fans who would miss out of the diva’s concert.

But rather than pacify her fans, they have caused a stir because they introduced the second concert BEFORE the first one, meaning those who have already purchased tickets, will not be the first to see her. And many are not happy!
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Organisers claim the second date offered was the only one that fitted with Britney’s schedule but this did nothing to pacify those who have already purchased tickets.

One person complained that they had queued overnight to ensure they would see the star but now will not see her first. Adding that “nowhere in the world has this happened. Can I have a refund of my ticket.”

Others believe the second show will be superior because they can iron out mistakes from the first show but surely Britney will have rehearsed long before arriving in Thailand?

Others said those complaining were being childish and should shut up and enjoy whatever show they get to see.

The solution could be to offer original ticket holders the ability to swap their dates, then sell the remaining tickets for both gigs.

The thirty-five-year-old star who had hits with “Baby One More Time”, “Oops I Did It Again” and “Toxic” is said to be excited about appearing in Thailand.

The concert dates are 23rd and 24th of June at The Impact Arena. Will you be there?

Source : Khaosodenglish

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