Police in Uthai Thani announced that they had discovered the bodies of a 46-year-old French national and his 26-year-old Thai wife after both had appeared to have died from drug overdoses.

Both David Guffroy and his wife Saifon Guffroy left suicide notes found at the scene.

The first part of 46-year-old David’s note read “My father has not sent money to Thailand for a long time, I have no money.”

Saifon who had been married to David since she was 18 wrote in her note that the pair had faced life’s struggles together and she would always love him. Police discovered the bodies at the couple’s house and estimated that they had been dead for five days.

The suicide notes.

Taken away as evidence officers found anti-depressant tablets along with a card for a doctor’s appointment for Saifon, regarding mental health issues. Police noted that there appeared to be no sign of a struggle.

Police translated the first part of David’s suicide note at the scene the rest of the note has yet to be made public.

Officers are of the belief the pair killed themselves in a joint suicide pact using drugs, until a full autopsy is perform what sort of drugs used cannot be determined.

Source: ThaiRath

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand



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