If you’re in Thailand you might soon be hearing that the buffalo is no longer sick but dead after a passenger train travelling from Chiang Mai to Nakhon Sawan hit a heard of buffaloes that had strayed onto the tracks killing 21 of them.

The bovine carnage happened at 8:00pm last night on a stretch of track between Pak Nam Pho Station and Nakhon Sawan Station.

The accident meant that the train was delayed by over three hours as the force of the impact caused several of the trains wheels to come off of the track as well as damage being sustained to several cars.

Buffalo not sick its dead, train rams heard of buffalo killing 21!

Railway workers were tasked with removing the carcases of the dead animals which were temporarily left by the side of the track.

The train was eventually able to continue its journey just before midnight.

Buffalo not sick its dead, train rams heard of buffalo killing 21!

Passengers aboard the train said that the driver used the trains whistle when he saw the cattle running onto the track, but it was too late.

Police and railway officials are currently searching for the owner of the buffaloes to seek reparation for the damages caused.

Source : ThaiPBS

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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