Bullied for

Following the report from last week of the dramatic makeover of 22-year-old factory worker Noppajit Monlin, after his appearance on a Korean makeover show where his own mother could not recognise him.

Following several surgeries this week it is the turn of 21-year-old Somtam vendor, Wanida Wantakamphu to reveal her dramatic transformation.

Wanida is the second person from Thailand to receive a total makeover on season three of the Korean show “Let Me In Thailand”.

Bullied for "witches chin" somtam vendor unrecognisable after makeover

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The episode which aired on Sunday showed audience members in awe after Wanida stepped out onto the stage.

Prior to her makeover Wanida said “when I look in the mirror I don’t like what I see, they say I’m a witch with a long chin.”

21-year-old Wanida had multiple surgeries to create her new look including breast augmentation, eyelid surgery, forehead lift and surgery to correct the shape of her jaw.

Bullied for "witches chin" somtam vendor unrecognisable after makeover

It was unfortunately not the fairy-tale ending the young woman was hoping for however, Wanida’s boyfriend died in a car accident just four days before she could reveal her new look.

Wanida said in an interview following the horrible news “I was speechless, I didn’t believe it at first, I loved and miss him very much.”

Speaking of her plans for the future Wanida said she will be starting a new life in South Korea in 2018 after being accepted into the Department of Labour’s three-year work program.

We wish her all the best.

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