A retired University professor gave a 15,000 baht reward to the honest bus conductor SumonMatidul, 50, who returned 1.1 million baht to a forgetful passenger.

A man identified only as a 33-year-old gynaecologist forgetfully left the substantial sum of money in a bag on her bus and upon collecting his money rewarded the Good Samaritan with two bags of candy.

While Sumon received wide praised from internet citizens for her selfless act,TheerapornVerathaworn decided that her two bags of candy was not a sufficient enough reward and gave her 15,000 baht out of his own pocket.

Bus conductor who returned 1 million baht rewarded by an admirer

He also awards the driver of the coach; PannawitChalongnatesodsaiwith a 5,000 baht reward for helping had back the money to the rightful owner.

The two were presented with the money from the kind hearted admirer at a small ceremony at the Mass Transit Authority’s office in Bangkok.

The forgetful passenger did call Sumon to thank her again for returning the money and apologized for not giving her more of a reward, stating that the money was to pay family debts, to which Sumon said she understood completely.

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