Songthaew Bus driver helps lost student

Thai social media has nothing but praise for a songthaew bus driver after he took a lost school girl home for free

Lung Bin went far out of his way to make sure that Papaa aged 12 got home to her family safely to which her mum Ann Pannatron was very grateful.

Songthaew Bus driver helps lost student

Her mum usually took her to school but she asked to go by herself for once to which Ann agreed. Everything was okay until a small mistake on her return meant that papaa ended up tens of kilometres away from her home.

Lung Bin insisted that he took her home himself when someone else offered to help. He also refused to do the convenient option of taking her to the police station which was suggested by her mother over the phone.

His selfless action has been appreciated by her family and everyone on social media.

Source : Dailynews

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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