1.3 tonnes of compressed marijuana, with a street value of around 30 million Baht, was seized in 2 raids, one in Bung Kan province and the other in Chaiyaphum province. The raids occurred on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

107kg of marijuana was seized in Chaiyaphum in Muaung district. The stash was found left under a temporary shelter near Huay Kudchuek stream in tambon Kudtum, said Pol Col Chettha Choeychum, chief of Lat Yai police station.

This haul has a value of around 1.6 million Baht and was possibly left by a gang of smugglers after spotting police checkpoints along the road. Their intention would have been to retrieve the weed after the police had left the area.

This week’s big bust happened in Bung Kan. 41 fertiliser sacks filled with 1.28 tonnes of marijuana, which has a street value of around 25.6 million Baht was seized on Tuesday. The raid was a team effort between the border patrol, marine police and soldiers.

Three fishing boats were spotted heading from Laos on the Mekong River at sunrise on Tuesday. Approximately 20 men were seen carrying the ganja filled sacks to a pickup truck on the river bank, with around 10 guys waiting with the truck.

When the officers approached the vehicle around two dozen shots were fired into the air by the gang before they made a quick exit in two of the fishing boats.

18 fertiliser sacks were found in the back of the pickup truck, 17 more were scattered along the river bank and the other six sacks were still on board the third fishing boat that had also been abandoned during the getaway.

Article Source: bangkokpost.com



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