Can People Be Charged for Insulting Small Breasts? Thai Lawyer Says Yes

A Thai lawyer waded into a heated online discussion today on Pantip (Thailand’s version of Reddit), after a woman started a thread asking for people’s advice on how to deal with, um … boob bullies.

The thread, helpfully titled “Someone insulted my small boobs. Can I file a police report?” went viral after being shared on Facebook, and has since attracted more than a thousand comments.

“Someone used to bully me, saying I had small breasts,” the woman complained. “Now I’ve got breast implants. Can I file a police report for this person’s arrest for their past comment?”

Can People Be Charged for Insulting Small Breasts? Thai Lawyer Says Yes

The thread, predictably, sparked creative and supportive responses from netizens.

“But were your boobs really small?” reads the most-liked comment in the thread.

“The process of questioning witnesses and inspecting evidence would cause so much trouble to you,” another wag added.

But lawyer Worayuth Boonwongsai has seemingly settled the dispute. Yes, insulting someone’s breasts is considered a petty offense. Whoever insults the other person in their presence shall be imprisoned up to one month and/or fined up to THB1,000, he told Daily News.

Can People Be Charged for Insulting Small Breasts? Thai Lawyer Says Yes

However, many people suggested the woman should simply let go of her past and move on, particularly given that she’s had breast augmentation at this point.

“I think most Thai women have small breasts. This is a national issue. It’s not just you,” one woman commented. “You’ve got breast implants — you’re now the minority of women with large breasts.”

Of course, the body positive movement also managed to get a word in: “Small breasts are beautiful too. Men don’t pick women for their breast size,” one woman commented.

Personally, we’re just gonna stay out of this argument.

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  1. I like them natural -small is excellent as long as the person is Jai Dee – I think because she wants to sue someone she probably not a good candidate for me


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