Should Cannabis Be Legalised - Yes Or No?

The age old question is never far away when it comes to cannabis. Should it be legalised or not?

Many people, have for a number of years, claimed that is has medicinal purposes, whilst others would argue that it is a drug often abused for smokers to get illegal highs.

Cannabis, also known as marijuana or weed, certainly helps people who suffer from chronic pain and is known to help people who suffer from multiple sclerosis or MS as it is often referred to.

In Thailand, the government permit the growing of industrial hemp in certain provinces for use in the making of clothes, food supplements and cosmetics. But should Thailand go a stage further and permit marijuana to be used for pain relief or even recreational purposes?

Some countries around the world, now accept that cannabis can be used for medicinal purposes. For instance, in Israel, they have approved it for medical prescriptions with the drug being issued over the counter via pharmacies. It has not however, allowed it for recreational use.

Should Cannabis Be Legalised - Yes Or No?

Other nations who permit the drug for medical treatments are Australia, Italy and Canada, with the latter allowed to grow their own supplies for medical use.

In Holland you can legally smoke or consume cannabis in certain establishments and the USA, in a number of states at least, it is permitted for medicinal purposes.

With many countries taking a dim view on smoking, it may be difficult to push through changes in the law as far as smoking the weed in concerned but surely consuming in a scone, butter or chocolate, should be acceptable, especially for MS sufferers or those endure chronic pain.

Let us know your thoughts on this matter.

Source : Bangkokpost

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  1. although it seems to be a relatively harmless drug, and with just about everything it also has some medicinal qualities, I was a smoker of this for many years and quit all smoking some 12 years ago, so I think I am in a position to have an open and educated valued opinion, I do not think it should be legalised, for many reasons, its a bit like cancer, as a silent killer, stoned behind the wheel of a car is this safe, ?, having a few joints before and during working on a building site, is this safe, ?, would anyone seriously employ someone who they knowingly do this ,? of course not, and to say it is not addictive, is total rubbish, of course it is, ask any cannabis smoker to not smoke the drug for more than a week, notice I said stop smoking cannabis, that does not mean to stop tobacco or cigarettes, we know these are highly addictive anyway, no one has tried to stop smoking cannabis but continued normal cigarettes, so clearly it has a damaging effect to one’s brain that many think is not damaging, it dulls the senses right, but no one actually thinks this is damaging, to dull your senses will mean you cannot be thinking clearly, therefore how can you accurately respond to anything, ask this to any successful person in say athletics, my thoughts now looking back are, I wish I had never smoked ever and definitely never smoked weed, my life would have taken a very different path, and I am pretty sure I would of been far more successful than I have been, then there are those who when take it abuse those around them including the authorities, can you just imagine the police having to deal with these stoned out of there heads, not a pleasant picture, so my opinion is definitely NO it should never be legalised.


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