Pictures and video were circulating on social media over the weekend of what many were calling Phuket’s “ghost yacht” after a boat destined for Langkawi, Malaysia having set sail from Phuket mysteriously washed ashore with no one on board.

Well after several days of wondering it seems that the vessels captain is alive and well after he reported himself as safe to the Phuket-based Thai Marine Business Association yesterday.

Photos of his yacht called Elysion were shared online along with the caption “anyone missing a yacht” which provided a lot of light-hearted entertainment among the members of the Thai online community with many pointing out that the vessel was flying a small Thai flag.

Captain of Phuket's "ghost yacht" reports he’s alive and well

The captain explained he was forced to abandon ship about 40 miles west of Koh Lipe on New Year’s day (January 1) after the vessel suffered a series of failures including engine failure, a broken boom and a broken backstay, he said he was luckily rescued by a passing cargo ship.

The vessel is currently beached off of a small island and it is unclear at this time how extensive the damage is.

Souce : The Phuket News

Content : LovePattayaThailand



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