A Thai district chief will probably be the envy of many men around the world after admitting to having 120 wives.

Who all apparently know one another and are ok with the arrangement that has resulted in 28 children.

Casanova's got competition - A Thai district chief has 120 wives!

Tambon Chief Prasert who is in charge of the district in Phromnee in Nakorn Nayok close to Bangkok told reports who were tipped off about the 58-year-old lothario’s marital arrangement all about his arrangement with his wives.

Local residents told reporters on the way to Prasert’s house that he was a pleasant and loveable man who always helped villagers who fell on hard times or who faced hardships.

After the glowing review of the 58-year-old owner of a building and construction business reporters were keen to meet the man in person and went directly to his house.

Casanova's got competition - A Thai district chief has 120 wives!

Reporters were greeted by Prasert and his newest wife Nam Fon, 27 and the questions soon began. The first question asked was what all the reporters were there for “how many wives and kids do you have?”

Sert replied with the answer all the reporters were keen to hear and without hesitation replied 120 wives and 28 children. He recounted that he first got married at 17 and fathered three children from the relationship.

After that he said he continued to marry legally, with most of his brides being under 20 years of age as older women tended to argue.

He said each time he took a new wife they were informed of his other wives and he would politely tell his existing wives that he had married again to avoid any misunderstandings.

Sert explained that everywhere he built a new house he would take a new wife making it clear that he respected them all and always asked for their family’s permission to marry them as is Thai custom.

He said 22 of his wives lived locally and the rest were spread out all over Thailand except for the south, he had no wives there and gave no explanation as to why.

Source : Dailynews

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