Central region provinces have started getting ready for more flooding as fears of high tides and heavy rains bring concerns over more flooding in the region.

Storms in the northeast of the country have already resulted in flooding in some areas with reports of floods in Nong Kahi where the province is now under 15-20 centimetres of water, local residents have joined in with efforts to clear out drains in an effort to speed up the water subsiding.

Central region provinces prepare for more flooding
Central region provinces prepare for more flooding

In Nakhon Ratchasima, officials from flood prevention authorities have begun putting plans in place to protect urban areas in the region, also working hard to make sure drains are clear.

Officials have inspected 19 floodgates in Chacheongsao as well as 61 water pumps to make sure all are operational to help manage flood waters.

The Prime Minister’s Office has received a total of 1.08 million baht in donations made to flood victims which will be disseminated to those affected by the flooding.

Source  : NNT

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