Officials have stated that they have had to suspend entry at the Pinklao Bridge checkpoint for mourners wishing to enter the Royal Cremation Ceremonial area at 7am this morning, as the area to accommodate mourners to watch the funeral ceremonies was almost at capacity.

Nine checkpoints that provided entry to the ceremonial viewing areas opened at 5am this Morning (October 25.)

Since the announcement that the Pinklao Bridge checkpoint was closed many people still remained queuing outside hoping that it was only a temporary closure while those inside were rearranged to make more room.

It was reported that queues began forming at checkpoints as early as 8pm last night and stretched for over 1 kilometre as some checkpoints.

Many restaurants and nightclubs opened their doors to provide toilet facilities for mourners to use free of charge and some provided free coffee and snacks.

Source: TheNation

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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