It was announced today that if you’re willing to wait just a few years, eight to be precise then traveling around Chiang Mai will be much simpler.

The largest of the Northern Cities famed for its surrounding high mountains will apparently have a tram system by 2025.


The State Railways of Thailand said that the 100 billion baht project is currently in the planning stage and bids for tenders will begin early in 2018.

The Chief of the State Railways department said that environmental impact studies are expected to be complete within 6 months.

Chiang Mai is one of Thailand’s top tourist destinations but travelling around the city can be troublesome for tourists with many opting to utilise tuk tuk’s or rent scooters during their time there.

Locals current preferred mode of public transport is shared Rod Daeng, which are shared pick-up trucks.

It was reported that the proposed tram project will offer three routes covering the whole city.

Source: coconut

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand



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