A video has sparked a lot of debate after it was widely shared online this week where it appears to show police officers on a motorbike in pursuit of a man fleeing on a bike kick out sending the rider crashing to the floor.

Well now the Chief of police in Hat Yai has had his say on the matter.

Chief Kittichai SAngkhathaworn wrote on a police Facebook page to defend the actions of the officers stating they were merely taking defensive measure to prevent themselves from being knocked of their bike.

The chief said that his officers did not intentionally attempt to bring the suspect down.

Many comments online before the statement from the chief accused the officers of kicking out deliberately to knock the suspect of his bike.

The chief said that the officers in the footage had established a legal checkpoint but Ratanaphon, 21, failed to stop when asked to do so and the officers perused.

The two officers in the footage were identified as Manot Otthon and Wisanu Jamnongnoi.

Chief Kittichai said that his officer stuck his leg out as the suspect weaved in front of them, in an attempt to remain upright.

Ratanaphon was sent crashing to the ground in the incident and was treated by medics at the scene.

It was reported that Ratanaphon does not intend to make a complaint against the two officers.

What do you think after watching the footage?

Source: Thaivisa

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand



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