An accident in Nakon Pathom has led to a two and a half year old boy having to have his arm amputated.

When the mothers back was turned the child accidently put his hand into a mincing machine.

The child’s mother Chalisa, 19, was at her residence in the Bang Len district and was mincing dried chili’s she said she turned to grab another handful of chili when she heard her son scream and to her horror saw her son mangled in the machine and his fingers all detached.


The young child named Thanakorn was quickly rushed to hospital where doctors decided they had no choice other than to amputate the boys arm at the elbow.

Chalisa said she hadn’t realised her son had made his way over to where she was working and she only realised when it was too late first hearing Thanakorn scream then seeing him covered in blood.

Source: Thaivisa

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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