Chinese railworkers

Chinese engineers working on the Bangkok to Nakhom Ratchasima train project to be tested.

At a press conference in Bangkok on Wednesday it was announced by the Architects Council and the Engineers Council that measures would be put in place to help aid the transfer of technical knowledge. Even though the project has been expedited does not mean that Chinese engineers and architects can immediately start work.

An Order is being put forward meaning that foreign experts must pass tests from both councils after fears that Chinese experts might not understand Thai laws and culture while working on the project.

The secretary-general of the Engineers Council Amorn Pimanmas said that the order will adhere to Article 8 of the Engineers Act, which allows the Engineers Council to confirm the skills and knowledge of engineers who carry out work in Thailand.

He said this way engineers working on the project will have at least a minimum standard of understanding about working in Thailand and Thai culture and if a mistake is made that causes damage, they would be held accountable by Thai laws.

Talks are underway with China to allow Thai engineers and architects to work side by side with Chinese workers which China has agreed to however the number of Thai workers on the project is still being discussed.




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