Chinese tourist uses back of Bangkok Taxi as a toilet

According to reports one Bangkok cabbie is not too happy after a female Chinese passenger used the back of his taxi as a toilet to go number two then refused to pay any money towards getting her bathroom mishap cleaned up.

Reports state that an unidentified Chinese tourist believed to be in her 30’s hailed the now soiled cab from outside of the Terminal 21 Shopping Centre and told the driver to take her to Ratchadapisek Soi 7.

Whilst on route the woman told the driver she was in need of a bathroom and asked him to stop at a petrol station on Asok Montri Road.

The driver said he was not able to stop at the petrol station because it was conned off with traffic cones.

Chinese tourist uses back of Bangkok Taxi as a toilet

Not able to make it to another bathroom the woman then defecated in the back of the taxi.

Understandably not to happy the driver stopped the car and demanded that his passenger pay to have her mess cleaned up, however she refused and insisted she be taken to her destination.

It didn’t take long for the police to be called but they said they were unable to do anything as there is no law to handle such an incident.

Realizing the driver was not going to take her any further she reportedly walked off leaving the cabbie with a soiled back seat.

Outraged the cabbie contacted JS100 to tell of his ordeal.

The driver identified only as Mr Surawat Said he has been a taxi driver for more than 14 years and while many drivers get a bad name he said this is the sort of things they have to put up with. 

Source : Sanook

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