It seems that a chunky python in Phuket Town had its own Winnie the Pooh moment after it attempted to slither out from a manhole but got stuck in the process.

Workers from the Kusoldharm Rescue Foundation were called by a member of the public who spotted the stuck serpent at 9:30pm last night opposite an ATM near the Royal Thai Navy Third Area close to the Saphab Hin area of town.

Chunky python required rescue after getting stuck in Phuket manhole

Obviously rather unhappy about its current predicament the snake could reportedly be heard hissing loudly at the workers who attempted to free it from the drain cover.

Speaking to the media Poonsab Sae-ueng who helped free the snake said it took him and his colleges 20 minutes to free the not very happy snake.

Workers used a snare to secure the pythons head before tools were needed to make the hole bigger to eventually prise the python out.

Chunky python required rescue after getting stuck in Phuket manhole

Poonsab noted that they believe the snake was trying to escape from the drain as it was filling up with water following heavy rain.

The snake was initially taken to the Kusoldharm Foundation head office to be checked over then will be released into the Khao Phra Thaeo Non-hunting area.

Source : Thephuketnews

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