Pichayawan Aksornsak was opening a can of sardines to prepare a fishy meal for her beloved pooch when she was shocked to discover several used cigarette butts stuffed inside.

Pichayawan then did what any reasonable person would do, she took to social media to share photographic evidence of her foul find to bolster her claim the container hadn’t been opened and no cigarettes mentioned on its label.

Cigarette Butts In Can Of Thai Sardines Horrify Woman

“I found the cigarettes when I opened the Sky Bird brand canned fish to make food for my dog. What should I do? Who do I complain to?” Pichayawan wrote, sharing photos of both can and butts.

In the comments below, she clarified that she wanted to complain to the company but could not find their contact information on the can. However a few hours after her original post, Pichayawan deleted the photos on, what she said was, the request of the brand. She didn’t respond to messages about what happened or how she got in touch with them.

We of course wanted to reach out ourselves to find out whether they disputed anything in Pichayawan’s account but came up empty-handed. By the power of Google, a thoroughly search of these worldly webs turned up extremely limited information.

Cigarette Butts In Can Of Thai Sardines Horrify Woman

The only website that could be found selling them listed the cans for THB9 (US$0.30 cents) a pop. It did include a telephone number, which was soon being answered by a very confused Hadchai Tonngan.Hadchai said his brother had sold Sky Bird sardines – before he died in November.

He said he otherwise had no knowledge of Sky Bird’s operations and could in no way help explain the alleged cigarettes in Pichayawan’s can.

Cigarette Butts In Can Of Thai Sardines Horrify Woman


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