Click Fraud Operation Busted In Thailand

Click fraud is something most of us are not aware, with many not knowing what it is or why it goes on.

But due to a police raid on a home in Thailand, we are given a rare insight into the dodgy goings on within the click fraud business.

Click Fraud Operation Busted In Thailand

Basically, click fraud occurs on the Internet, when sites offer “pay per click” adverts. In other words, every time you click on an advert, someone makes money.

The fraud part comes into play, when someone creates an automated script or computer programme to mimic the act of clicking the adverts, which generates cash for the companies involved.

Thailand’s police raided a house, to discover three people operating such a business. Three Chinese nationals were found to be running the scam and were named as Wang Dong, Niu Bang, and Ni Wenjin. They were arrested for illegally working in Thailand and smuggling SIM cards into the country.

Click Fraud Operation Busted In Thailand

The police found a device, which was fitted with 500 smartphones and wired to computer monitors. They confiscated over 350,000 SIM cards, SIM card readers and nine computers.

The business was being run out of Thailand because mobile phone usage in the Kingdom is much cheaper than most countries, making the profit margins higher.

Source : Terrathailand

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