Close Eye Being Kept on Rising Mekong River

Provinces across the northeast have begun 24 hour monitoring of the Mekong River, which is expected to rise significantly both in Lao PDR and Thailand this week, with Bueng Kan already hit by an initial overflow. 

Water in the Mekong River has begun to creep over its banks in some parts of Bueng Kan province. Governor Nirat Pongsittitaworn has led efforts to fortify drainage pipes with sandbags and to protect the province’s sewage system from being inundated.

Close Eye Being Kept on Rising Mekong River
Close Eye Being Kept on Rising Mekong River

The governor has requested four large water pumps from Khon Kaen and Udon Thani and ordered authorities to inform residents of the situation to avoid panic. Four districts of the province are situated along the Mekong River with Pak Kad the first to see overflows. Rantawapi district was previously hit by waters from Nong Khai province that originated in Lao PDR.

The Mekong River flowing past Nong Khai has increased to a rapid flow and has already overflowed in areas without a sluicegate. Up to 40 households in Meechai sub-district have been hit by flooding and have had to evacuate. Water pumps are being employed to bring the situation under control.

Close Eye Being Kept on Rising Mekong River

Nong Khai Governor Ronnachai Jitaraviset has accompanied a team by boat along the Mekong River to assess the situation and has ordered assistance to all affected. The inspection found that low lying areas have been particularly impacted, including farmland.

He noted however that the situation has benefitted from a pause in rainfall and is confident drainage will be effective.

Source : NNT



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