Coca-Cola to promote Thai tourism with new summer campaign

Coca-Cola have decided to mix things up where advertising on its products is concerned here in Thailand ready for summer.

The popular soft-drinks chain is rolling out its new campaign “Hula Hula with Coca-Cola this Summer” which will include 24 new package designs depicting different areas of Thailand along with television commercials to promote tourism here in Thailand.

The marketing director of Coca-Cola Thailand Claudia Navarro said the new campaign came about after they realised “some many of the world’s best summer destinations are in Thailand.”

Coca-Cola to promote Thai tourism with new summer campaign

She said the company has selected 24 of the most popular areas from across the kingdom and developed designs to depict iconic symbols from each of the chosen places.

She said that they hope people enjoy collecting each of them or finding ones that have special meaning to them.

Who knows maybe a Pattaya can of the popular soft drink might be making its way onto shelves in the near future.

Source : The Nation

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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