Could transport of the future run of waste products from coffee?

According to green entrepreneur Arthur Kay, that is entirely possible and he intends to prove the point by operating one of London’s world famous buses on such a bi-product.

Coffee Powered Bus To Hit Streets Of London

Arthur runs Biobean. He gathers coffee waste from a variety of coffee chains, then converts it into fuel, which he says can provide enough energy to operate a bus.

The inaugural trial run is set to take place in England’s capital city in a few weeks time.

The biochemical approach of extracting oil from coffee grounds is patented and uses a process, which evaporates the grounds via something known as hexane extraction.

This can be used for fuel for vehicles and the remainder can be turned into pellets and burned in wood stoves.

In the UK, there is an abundance of coffee shops, so there is no shortage of waste products.

London, despite a variety of efforts to improve air quality over the years, is still one of the worst polluted cities in the UK.

Maybe baht buses in Pattaya could be running on coffee dregs in the future.

Source : BBC

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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