People across the kingdom might have thought winter was behind them with temperatures over the last couple of weeks being rather favourable for most of the kingdom, however it seems a cold front moving in from China might be about to change that.

Starting today people all across the kingdom with the exception of a few southern provinces are being told to expect a drop in temperature for the next seven days of so.

The northeast region of the kingdom will be the first hit today by a cold front which will move across the country.

More cold weather on its way this week for much of Thailand

The cold front from China is expected to cause a temperature drop of 4-6 degrees Celsius according to the Thai Meteorological Department.

It is expected that much of the country will experience a drop of between 3-5 degrees Celsius as the cold front moves across the country before the temperature will again rise on January 14.

Once the cold front reaches the South of the kingdom it is expected to result in heavy rains and strong winds which could result in waves of up to 3 meters in height in the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea.

The MET office is warning residents in the North to take extra precautions during this cold period and to make sure they can keep warm to prevent illness or potentially more serious health complications.

Source : Pattaya One

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