Complaints of Fake Hotel Vouchers Valuing Over 10m Baht Are Being Investigated

Complaints have been received by the Crime Suppression Division regarding fake or bogus discount vouchers for hotels.

The allegations are based around Chatchamon Janta, 38, a contracted employee working for the Department of Science Service’s Cooperative.

People have filed complaints including Mahidol University music teacher Ngamta Nanthakhwang, who claims people have been conned into purchasing fake hotel vouchers valuing over 10 million baht.

It is believed that at least 200 people have been duped into parting with their cash for the worthless vouchers.

Ms Janta apparently ensured clients that the vouchers were good for up to 70% discounts at a variety of top hotels and resorts.

However when Ngamta attempted to redeem one of the vouchers, the hotel’s staff informed her they were not valid. She then checked the hotel’s Facebook page and discovered that the hotel had actually issued a warning regarding the sale of fake vouchers.

The music teacher soon discovered she was not the only victim and subsequently formed an action group in order to file the complaints against the con artist.

Source : Bangkokpost

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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