Government considering lowering 80km speed limit in cities

Thailand currently has the fastest urban speed limits in Asia but that could all be about to change as the government is considering reducing the 80km limit

Director of The Office of Transportation and Planning Chaiwat Thongkhamkoon said on Monday that his department was considering lowering the limit down to 40 kilometres per hour.

He said that Thailand currently has the highest speed limit in Asia, where the normal speed limit is between 40-60km.

Government considering lowering 80km speed limit in cities

Chaiwat said that Thailand might consider the same speed limit as Japan which is 40 kilometres per hour, however it could take up to a year before it comes into effect.

In 2015 the World Health Organisation ranked Thailand in second in a poll of countries that have the most road accidents.

Last year economic losses from road accidents totalled 500 billion baht, which might of prompted the review in to the nation’s speed limits.

Source : Thenation

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