The department of correction in Thailand executed a murderer by lethal injection.

Theerasak Longji, a 26 year old criminal, robbed and brutally killed a man of southern Thailand, in July 2012 stabbing the victim 24 times.

Director of the department, Pol Col Narat Sewatanan carried out the death sentence on Monday between 3pm and 6pm. This was the country’s first judicial killing since 2009, i.e. after 9 years and the seventh judicial killing by lethal injection.


Around 325 executions have been carried out by the country since 1930, out of which 319 people were shot and six have died by lethal injection.

Thai Rath commented that this action by the correction department was carried out to show the country that it still can use the ultimatum as and when required.

Source : BangkokpostCoconuts

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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