It seems police in Chiang Mai have a cunning new plan to prevent drink driving over the festive period this year by breathalysing people before they even leave bars.

If people are found to be over the limit when subjected to a breath test they will be strongly advised to take public transport home.

Those that still insist on breaking the rules have been warned that there will be extra drink driving checkpoints in place throughout the festive season.

Cops in Chiang Mai to start breath tests in bars over Christmas

Thaponphong Chairansee, a high ranking officer in Chiang Mai’s traffic police division said that the new initiative is a great way to prevent drink driving.

According to officials the new campaign is titled “Chiang Mai-Drink Don’t Drive, Get home Safely.”

Following an announcement earlier this week from the Bangkok Police who said they were focusing on reducing the speed limits around the capital to reduce fatalities on the roads it appears police in Chiang Mai are focusing their attention on drink driving.

It was reported that a meeting was held where entertainment venues have agreed to allow officers into the venues to test customers.

What do you think would you like to see a similar initiative here in Pattaya?

Source : Dailynews

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  1. yes good idea and whatabout testing motor bike taxi drivers as they wait about street corners and falang drivers on their big noisy powerfull bikes who drive dangerously down the narrow sois where there are no pavements narrowly missing tourists most of the time. When they do not miss you will find the injured tourists bandaged up in A&E in the excellent Pattaya hospitals.


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