Isaan's Khon Kaen University has started a class to teach Thai women what to expect when starting a new life in another country after marrying a foreigner

It’s safe to say life in Europe and other western countries is a little different to life in Thailand and stories of culture shock aren’t uncommon

Whether it’s someone moving to Thailand or a Thai person moving abroad the same key points always seem to be raised such as uncertainties over how to act and what to expect in their new home.

To help combat this issue Isaan’s Khon Kaen University has teamed up with The Ministry of Social Development and Human Security to start a class to teach one of the largest groups of this dynamic Thai woman that have married foreigners.

The class is aimed at teaching the women what to expect when moving abroad.

Course teaches Thai women married to foreigners about life abroad

Professor Dusadee Ayutwat designed the course mainly for Thai women living in rural Isaan that have married foreign men that they either met working in cities or online.

These women he explain are the most likely to experience the biggest cultural shock going from their lives in the Thai countryside to a life overseas in countries such as the UK, US or Australia.

The course covers aspects of life such as intercultural-marriage, keeping in contact with their family back home and starting a new support system in their new country as well as how to socialise in their new environment.

Dusadee said some of the women marrying westerners believe that it will bring them a better standard of living and financial security, which he noted is not always the case.

He also pointed out that some foreign men that marry Thai’s are not always that wealthy and only appear so when in Thailand due to the countries inexpensive living costs.

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