In a case that made national and international headlines earlier in the year the Central Criminal Court for Corruption and Misconduct Cases has announced that the first hearing over the alleged misconduct of the King Power duty free is scheduled for February 2018.

Multiple senior officials of the Airports of Thailand (AOT) who enforce a contract with King Power are being accused for bias towards the privately owned King Power for the amount of 14 billion baht over several years of operation.

Charnchai Isarasenaluk filed the lawsuit naming 18 AOT and King Power executives who allegedly misused their power to conspire to damage the state.

The plaintiff claims that King Power was allowed to reduce its payments to the government from 15 percent to only 3 percent of its sales from goods at their duty free shops at Suvarnabhumi InternationalAirport in Bangkok.

This violated their contract signed when the airport was opened by the AOT and King Power resulting in losses to the state of an estimated 14 billion baht.

The court announced yesterday that it had accepted the case to go to trail and the date for the first hearing has been set for February 12, 2018.

King Power has responded to the allegations from Charncha by filing multiple libel lawsuits of their own of which the first hearing is scheduled for January 2018.

Source: TheNation

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