Truant students better watch out, the head of the kingdoms police forces in now turning his attention to foreign nationals abusing student or “Non-Ed” visas here in Thailand.

Pol Maj Gen Surachet Hakpal spoke to the media yesterday to announce a string of arrests stating that his officers are working with immigration authorities and educational establishments to root out foreign nationals abusing the system to commit crimes.

He said authorities are targeting those who are using Non-Ed visas as a means to remain in the kingdom whilst committing crimes.

Surachet said officials have now put a limit on the number of unexplained absences a student can have from class at three, if a student is then absent a fourth time without explanation they will then have their visa revoked and be sent packing.


It was reported by Thai Rath that a total of four people so far in March have had their visas revoked and have been expelled from the kingdom.

During the latest crackdown which was a joint effort from several agencies including 191 special branch, and Immigration Officials a total of 108 people were arrested, 49 people at schools and 59 people at their registered residences.

Pol Maj Gen Surachet has been spearheading several operations over the past couple of months aimed at targeting foreigners here in Thailand who have been committing crimes, however his efforts led him to Dubai earlier this week on the hunt for a call center gang which was targeting people here in Thailand.

He noted that the operation overseas was a success and a total of 123 people were arrested.

Source : Thairath

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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