Currency Exchange Store Superrich Allegedly Gives Thai Woman At Least USD900 Worth Of Counterfeit Bills

A Thai woman claims her Chicago vacation took a shocking turn when she discovered that foreign currency exchange company Superrich gave at least US$900 (THB28,000) worth of counterfeit bills.

Facebook user Thimaporn Berriiez Phopipat wrote on her timeline this morning that she had exchanged THB64,000 (about US$2,000) into 20 US$100 dollar bills at a Superrich chain located inside the Central Festival EastVille mall in Bangkok’s Lat Phrao district on Monday.

Today, Thimaporn said she and her boyfriend took US$1,400 (about THB44,000) or 14 bills out to spend. The couple reportedly spent two of those US$100 dollar bills shopping at the clothing store ZARA and eating at a Ramen restaurant in the US city of Chicago. 

“Since the two stores didn’t check our bills, we could use them normally,” she wrote.

However, when the couple tried paying at Sephora, the bill allegedly did not pass the ink test the store employee performed during check out.

How the ink test works is simple: one only needs to make a streak on the bill with a counterfeit detector pen. If it is real, the iodine ink will turn into a yellow color in the same shade as the bill. However, if the bill is fake, the ink will turn dark blue or black as exemplified by this graphic by AOL:

The couple apparently then decided to go to an unidentified American bank to test out all 12 of the bills they had left.

According to Thimaporn, nine of those bills, worth US$900 (THB28,000) turned out to be fake.

“The bank did not let us exchange all but the three real bills… we have another US$600 (THB19,000) at our house in Thailand that we exchanged on the same day,” Thimaporn complained. 
Since the couple had not returned to Thailand yet, they cannot check if those remaining bills were also counterfeit.

Just a few hours before the time of writing — and sometime after the story already went viral — Thimaporn wrote on her timeline that Superrich got back in touch with her and offered to refund her money as soon as she returns to Thailand.  

“They asked me to delete the post but I told them that I will not until I get compensation (on top of exchanging the counterfeit dollars back)… which is better than an apology,” she said.

“You’ve caused a lot of damage and for us to lose face… what if we had gotten arrested?”

The couple gathered much support from netizens online, some of whom said they should take Superrich to court.

“For this amount of damage, you could sue the company. It’s too easy for them to just return the money,” one commenter wrote.

Another netizen claimed that he once was also duped by Superrich.

“I was duped by the Central Pinklao chain of Superrich when I was going to China… When I tried to spend money there, the store actually called the police to get me in trouble…”

As of press time, the Central Festival EastVille branch of Superrich has denied our request for a comment. The store representative we spoke with on the phone alleges that they will release an official statement soon.


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