The Customs Department is stepping up their effort to change rules relating to the import of luxury “super car” as well as looking at 200 vehicles

They believe may have found loopholes to avoid paying taxes to the Department of Special Investigation (DSI).

Customs officials are currently investigating 200 cases where they believe people have either not payed or payed an insufficient amount of import duty so the DSI can follow up and get those responsible to pay the money owed.

Customs Department to adjust regulations on imported super cars

The director general of the customs department said they have evidence on the 200 cases that confirm 200 vehicles did not pay the correct tax when entering the country.

He also elaborated that new laws are being drafted to bring regulations on high end cars more in line with current circumstances.

He said one new requirement will be that a certified price evaluation will be needed to prevent people paying too little in taxes.

They will be holding a conference with all super car importers to make them all aware of the new regulations and use the opportunity to make them all aware they are not trying to hinder their businesses only uphold the countries laws.

Source : NNT

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