A blonde handsome begpacker has caused quite the stir online after a video of him selling holiday photos of himself in an alleged attempt to raise money for a flight home has been widely shared online.

The video taken at the Greenway Market in Hat Yai on Wednesday night shows a small crowd, mostly young women gathered around the young man who is reportedly from the Ukraine perusing his collection of holiday snaps that are for sale and fawning over the man many described online as “cute.”

While normally the Thai internet community is quick to condemn foreign so called “begpackers” this young man seems to be generating a lot of positive remarks with many commending his selling of holiday photos as every time he sells one he tells a story of where it was taken, people noted online there is no price attached to the photos and people simply make a donation of what they want to pay.

"Cute" begpacker goes viral for selling photos of himself in Thailand

Since the video was uploaded it has been liked over 1,000 times.
Many users pointed out that the man isn’t hurting anyone and commended his actions instead of simply begging for money.

Though for the most part most of the comments were positive there were some that didn’t agree with the man’s actions with one user writing “these people are beggars, plain and simple.”

"Cute" begpacker goes viral for selling photos of himself in Thailand

After several reports of such begpackers made national headlines last year reports that the government had begun randomly selection tourists to show that they had at least 20,000 baht to their name before entering the country.

Speaking on the subject of foreign beggars reports that Thailand’s most notorious beggar and man who obtained the moniker “the most hated German in Thailand” Benjamin Holst has settled down in Gambia and according to his Facebook is currently in the process of renovating a new flat with his new wife, hopefully the love of a good woman will keep him from returning to his old ways.

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