Should dash camera evidence be used to prosecute careless or reckless drivers?

Can you provide a reason for the evidence not to used?

A video featuring a truck weaving across a road in Chiang Mai has raised questions from chief of highway police, who wants to discuss the legality of such footage in the event of a driver being prosecuted.

In this instance the evidence is provided by an off duty police officer who was driving behind lorry. However, the validity of the evidence is being questioned.

Chief Somchai Kaosamran said “dash cam evidence is a relatively new phenomenon in Thailand and the law has to catch up with its increasing prevalence.”

However, surely when the evidence is provided in black and white or in colour in this instance, it has to be utilised?

After all, CCTV footage is used frequently to prosecute offenders.

The dash camera is vital for proving who is at fault in a road accident, so why not for prosecuting drunk drivers or those that fall asleep at the wheel?


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