Dead Baby Found On Ledge

Police in Bangkok are investigating the discovery of a dead baby found on a ledge in the city.

Sayan Sonkaew, 39, a local handyman, was ascending a ladder when he spotted what he considered to be a doll. When he realised it was actually a baby boy, he called the police.

Dead Baby Found On Ledge

Initial enquiries soon lead them to the mother. She told them that both her and her boyfriend who is 18-years-old, were still in high school and the pregnancy was unplanned. She claimed she wasn’t even aware she was pregnant and the baby was born when she was using the toilet.

She told police it was stillborn and that the shock of seeing the dead infant made her push the child out the window.

Police refused to reveal the girls name or age, saying she was a teenager and that if the child was indeed stillborn, then no crime has been committed.

They described the girl as being very emotional and in need of medical care.

Police are waiting on the results of an autopsy.

Source : Khaosodenglish

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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