Decision on national minimum wage increase postponed after meeting

It was announced last week that the Prime Minister had instructed his officials to raise the national minimum wage as a gift for the start of the new year.

Well it seems that officials were unable to come to a consensus on how much to raise the wage by so have deferred the decision until January 17.

Currently the national minimum wage here in Thailand is 310 baht per day but the national worker’s rights group are pressing hard to have it raised to 360 baht per day.

Last week it was reported that the wage increase would likely be in region of 2-15 baht depending on location.

Decision on national minimum wage increase postponed after meeting

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The meeting was chaired by Jarin Chakkapak, permanent secretary of the Labour Ministry who said they had no choice but to postpone the decision as the wage increases proposed by different province varied dramatically and a consensus was unable to be reached.

He stated that a further meeting would take place on January 17 and that there would definitely be an increase in the national minimum wage at some point in 2018.

Source : Thenation

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