Faulty Cars

Irate car owners have demanded that Ford buy back their vehicles following numerous complaints about faulty or defective vehicles and components.

More than four hundred people filed lawsuits against the car manufacturer Ford Motor Company (Thailand). Cars affected are the Fiesta and Focus models with complaints such as engine fires, faulty transmission systems and overheating.

It is alleged that the faults compromised vehicle safety.

Lawyers acting for the car owners are demanding that Ford buy the faulty vehicles back, effectively providing a full refund with almost 25 million baht wanted in compensation for having sold them sub-standard cars.

The lawsuit was submitted in Bangkok by fifty angry car owners. The initial hearing is set for July 3rd, 2017.

Ford have stipulated that they will only buy back the vehicles if the Office of the Consumer Protection Board orders it to do so. A spokesman said the demand to purchase the cars at 80% of their original value was unreasonable.

It was also revealed that from the cars in question, over thirty had been in use for four years of more and some had over 80,000 kilometres on the clock.


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