A man has been caught smuggling semen from Thailand to Laos.

Yes you read that correctly.

Nithinon Srithaniyanan, 25, of Bangkok was arrested as he went through a customs checkpoint carrying a large suitcase. Upon inspection of the case, officials found a small tank of nitrogen, which in turn held human semen.

The arrest was made at Friendship Bridge on the border between Thailand and Laos.

The semen trafficker had been under surveillance as he was a frequent visitor to Laos, always carrying a large case during his many trips. It would be safe to say that customs officers were not expecting to find semen inside that case however.

Mr. Srithaniyanan said he was taking the semen to Vientiane. The cargo was supplied by two men. The suppliers were of Chinese and Vietnamese origin he told officers.

Charges of violating the law on medical breeding technology, which prohibits the sale, import or export of semen, eggs or embryos were applied. He faces the possibility of three years in prison and/or a 60,000 baht fine.

He is believed to have admitted to making 12 trips from Bangkok clinics to Laos with his dodgy load. Claims that he also made similar trip to Cambodia are also being investigated.

His special deliveries allegedly netted him 5000 baht per delivery


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