If ever a bad decision was wrongly taken in city full of tourists, then this has to rank with one as one of the worst.

Bangkok’s celebrated street food industry could soon disappear as Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) says it has taken the decision in the interests of hygiene and cleanliness.

Bangkok’s street food is renowned the world over. Many visitors arrive in the capital and head for the street vendors to sample the delicious and unique food on offer.

CNN recently said that Bangkok was the finest food destination in world. This was less than a month ago, so why change something that is working?

The BMA wish to reclaim the pavements for pedestrians and have said vendors will be banned from plying their trade in the city.

Whilst the pavements are badly needed for the cities tourists and locals alike, the street food industry, should be protected. Instead of banning them, find locations where they can continue to sell their tasty products. Markets spring to mind.

Have the BMA considered the thousands that will lose their income as a result of this ludicrous decision?

A solution has to be found before thousands have no work and tourism takes a hit, both of which will reflect on the Bangkok’s economy.


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