Doctors rule disease killed men not murderous spirit or

A team of doctors and psychologists sent to Ban Na Bong have concluded that contrary to the belief of many villagers a spirit or (phi pob) was not responsible for the death of two men their recently.

Doctors concluded that the men died as a result of a very non-mystical means in the form of a rat-born disease Leptospirosis and poor health.

Phairat Songkharn part of the team dispatched by the Kalasin provincial public health office stated today that tests proved the men died as a result of Leptospirosis and high blood pressure.

Doctors rule disease killed men not murderous spirit or "phi pob"

Having been advised not to say anything to belittle the beliefs of the superstitious villager’s phycologists visited the families of the dead men and their neighbours.

The medical personnel were instructed to softly break the news of the men’s poor health as to not contradict the beliefs of the villagers and advise them to take extra care over their health during the winter months.

The chief of the Nong Kung Si district said that having the medical team go to the area should help calm fears that the villagers had that a spirit had caused the deaths, even though the villagers had hired the services of a local hermit to preform rites to banish the spirit prior to their arrival.

370 households in the area paid 124 baht each to employee the services of the famous exorcist to banish the spirit.

The rites took over two hours to complete and police and district officials also attended to make sure everything went smoothly.

Source: Bangkook post

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