bedbugs swarm

A beetle attach in Chumpon has left an 11 year old boy hospitalized with some truly traumatic effects.

The boy was said to have been sleeping with a neon light on over him last Saturday when his mother came into the room to find him covered with rove beetles known as duan kon kradok in Thai.

The boy panicked and swatted at the beetles but amidst his efforts, a group of the insects had fallen onto the boy’s genitals. His eye also sustained injury from the beetles as he attempted to wipe away the swarm.

The beetles caused the boy extreme pain around his penis, testicles and eye and was unable to urinate. He was admitted into the Sawee Hospital emergency ward where he is recovering.

The rove beetle is one of the largest beetle species populaces and officials have seen large numbers in at least five districts in Chumpon. The beetles are said to have been around for over 200 million years.

To control their numbers, residents are encouraged to spray in areas where they are known to congregate, although it is warned that the insects should not be sprayed directly.


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