Drama Helping Children With Special Needs

A scheme devised for children with special needs is working wonders at the Rajanagarindra Institute of Child Development.

Using drama as a means of transporting lessons to the children is proving to be a successful method of teaching special needs kids.

Drama Helping Children With Special Needs

Chanaradee Suwanmacho, Drama Therapist at the institute said “We find that 95% of children who have participated in drama therapy, display a higher sense of emotional intelligence. They seem to enjoy the classes too.”

The attendees are evaluated on a monthly basis to ascertain how they are improving.s

The biggest success appears to be that the kids show a decreased level of aggression, almost to a point that there is occurrence of anger whatsoever.

The children also benefit from superior movement, creativity, agility and discipline. Simply thing like table manners have improved in many instances.

Whatever the institute is doing is obviously working and long may it continue.

Source : Thaivisa

Content : Pattaya News


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