climb with baby

A man who climbed a 35 metre telephone mast carrying his four-year-old daughter with him, attracted a large crowd as they came to see what the commotion was in Nakhon Nayok province on Tuesday.

The drama unfolded when the man known as Udorn, climbed the mast carrying his child, tied a cord around their necks and threatened to jump.

The man’s elderly father told police his son was on drugs at the time.

But the tension built when Udorn’s wife arrived on the scene to try an persuade her husband to come down, using a phone to chat to him.

Then to the surprise of everyone, the woman ascended the mast in a maintenance bucket to discuss the problem face to face with her beloved husband.

After a total of three hours, the child was handed over to the woman and everyone descended from the mast safely.

It is unclear what caused the scene to unfold other than possible paranoia and drugs.

Udorn’s is now in rehab.


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