It seems that some people will never learn. People are dying unnecessarily because of drivers refusing to move and let emergency vehicles pass.

A video posted by an ambulance driver on social media, shows a vehicle continuing to hog the right side lane, even though the sirens are blaring behind it.

The ambulance driver, Weera Boonjit, who works from the Nong Phai Hospital in Phetchabun, told the reporters that it was possible the driver of the offending pick up did not hear the sirens.

So he yelled twice over the loudspeaker system, requesting that the driver move out of the way. But with mirrors, surely the driver of the vehicle should have spotted the ambulance and moved aside.

Finally after some time, the vehicle moves aside to let the ambulance pass.

However, as this scenario was unfolding, a drowning victim was fighting for their life at the Sapsomphu Waterfall. A member of the public took the victim to meet the ambulance at an agreed location but it is believed that due to the delay, the person passed away before help arrived.

When Weera was quizzed as to why he did not undertake on the free lane on the left, he insisted that smoke was creating a danger and slow moving traffic meant that his crew and other road users would be put at risk of injury.

The answer is simple folks. If an emergency vehicle is behind you, get out of the way and let it through. It could be you that needs their services one day.

Possibly the government could help by running a TV campaign to educate drivers of the dangers of blocking the path of ambulances, fire engines or police vehicles.

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Source : Dailynews

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