Substantial amounts of ya ba pills, opium and heroin have been seized by law enforcement officers in the north of Thailand.

The arrests were made over a six day period as police crack down on traffickers.

Four men were apprehended in Phrae’s Wang Chin district, following the discovery of over 600,000 ya ba pills. A clever ploy to distract police failed when they ignored a speeding motorcyclist at a checkpoint. Subsequently the police stopped a pick-up truck, which was carrying the illicit drugs.

Two other men were found to be in possession of two kilograms of heroin and hundreds of ya ba pills in Chiang Mai.

Thirty-four kilograms of raw opium was recovered from a car in Chiang Rai on Thursday, resulting in a further two arrests.

In Mae Hong Son on Saturday, two men were caught in possession of almost fourteen kilograms of raw opium.

One hundred thousand ya ba pills were prevented from making their way to the open markets at the border with Myanmar (Burma). A further five were arrested. Two men died in the melee that followed.

Overall the drug traffickers have not has an easy time of it in northern Thailand.


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