Drugs Worth Millions Found In Flower Pots On In Island Home

Police raided an island house following a tip off that there could be drugs at the location but they maybe found a tad more than expected.

The house in Koh Samui, had a number of flowerpots, which had a hidden secret. Five million baht of heroin and ice to be exact.

Chaiyarat Bunseng, 34, and his wife Suthatta Saenghat, 37, are being questioned over the discovery at their island abode.

Foolishly the couple kept accounts of their dealings, which apparently provides law enforcers, with sufficient evidence to send them to prison for a long time.

Five other arrests and asset seizures are believed to be linked to the same drug gang.

Monies and drugs totalling over ten million baht are being mentioned in this substantial bust.


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