A Dutch tourist has been taken to hospital after suffering injuries when she fell from a walkway into a ravine at Pai Canyon in Mae Hong Son’s Pai district

Renata Dykstra, 46, slipped and fell from the walkway into the ravine on Monday evening and was rescued by a team of medics and troops at roughly 7pm, once they were alerted to the situation.

Dutch woman left injured after falling into canyon ravine

Renata suffered back injuries in the fall and was sent to Pai Hospital for x-rays and provisional treatment before being transferred to Chiang Mai Ram Hospital.

District chief Thanakrit Chanthachamrassilp visited the woman in hospital and said she was in good spirits despite her injuries.

Dutch woman left injured after falling into canyon ravine

He said following the accident authorities will put up fencing and warning signs at dangerous points.

Pai Canyon has a mountain ridge which is several meters wide and roughly 300 metres in length with drops on both side that reach 30 metres deep.

Source : Thenation

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